Pinzgauer cattle

This cattle breed is sturdy and strong. In our new loose-house stable you can notice the vitality.

The Pinzgauer is characterised by its maroon base colour and its typical white streak on the back, the flanks and the belly as well as on the thighs and calves.

The most beautiful cattle breed in the world – at least for us!

On our farm we profit from the double benefit of milk and meat production. Our new loose-house stable also offers the possibility for our guests to try milking our cows in the new milking stand.

We also have our own slaughter room that provides us the opportunity to market our own meat without any additional itinerary.

During summer our female calves are on the Alm where they have the best conditions and feed healthy plants and herbs. They also gain a better fitness up there in the mountains.

We are very proud of our Pinzgauer cattle.


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